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You are viewing Flash games created by Jack Hand using ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3. All of the images, sounds, etc. in these games are controlled by XML files. My clients provided the artwork and then I conceptualized the project architecture and back-end interface to ensure the most efficient load time and code security, which is especially important for prize oriented promotional games.

Implementing the best possible user experience within the project guidelines while adhering to industry best practices and creating reusable, commented code is fundamental to my style of work.

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Car Game

In this game, the user controls the car and tries to catch the thrown boxes in the car's hatchback. To win the user must catch 25 boxes without letting more than 5 boxes drop.

The game uses advanced math to control the trajectory of the boxes (gravity, mass, wind friction) and the movement of the car(acceleration, road friction).


Memory Game

In this game, the user needs to match two cards that correspond to each other. The user wins if they match all the pairs within the given time period. The game randomly mixes the cards each time it is played.


Basketball Freethrow Game

In this game, the user controls the where, when and how hard the basketball player throws the ball at the hoop. If the ball is thrown too hard, not hard enough, or off to the side, then the ball does not make it in the hoop. Like the car game mentioned above, this game also uses advanced math to control the trajectory and speed of the ball.

Football Field Goal Game

This game allows the user to flick a football game piece to try to make a field goal. Obstacles pop-up that obstruct the goal posts and impede the user from making a goal.

Scratch and Win Game

This is an online version of a traditional scratch-n-win game. The user chooses which treasure chests to play and then scratches the game pieces to reveal a prize amount. Three matches wins a prize.

I adapted this type of game with different creative (views) for many other promotions while keeping the basic code identical.


Live Promotions

The following are games that can still be seen online.


SurveySlot: For this client the games needed to be accessed by many countries and translated into many languages. I used one central XML file for all the different countries and languages to make it easy for the client to update the copy for these games. This included two types of games: "scratch & win" and slot machine. The code for the "scratch & win" game is nearly identical to the other "scratch & win" mentioned above. The slot machine game is very similar to the "scratch & win" game and shares much of the same code, but it allows the user to pull a lever to see if they make 3 matches. Click the image to see the game in action.

Survey Games

Sony Pictures: "Fun with Dick and Jane"
I created a number of games for Sony's movie website 'Fun with Dick and Jane', which you can still play by clicking the below image.

Fun with Dick and Jane Games



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